[sip-comm-announce] [sip-comm-dev] Is LGPL for the OSGI version OK with everyone?

Emil Ivov emil_ivov at yahoo.com
Wed Feb 16 10:16:00 CET 2005

Hi guys,

As some of you might know we are currently working on a major 
architecture shift of the sip-communicator. Next version will be OSGI 
based (using the OSCAR open source implementation).

This pretty much means that from now on the sip-communicator will be a 
bunch of plug-ins (osgi bundles) which offer implement and use different 

Until now the sip-communicator and its code have been available under 
the Apache 1.1 license. We are however considering using an LGPL license 
for the next release.

In a few words this means that: You will be able to right your own 
bundles for the sip-communicator and release them (or not) under 
whatever license u may wish. You could also modify sip-communicator's 
bundles and use them internally (i.e. without distributing them) without 
releasing ur code. If however u'd need to change a sip-communicator 
bundle (i.e. fix bugs or optimize it ) and distribute it afterwards you 
will have to make your changes available to the public.

Is that fine with all of you?


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