[sip-comm-announce] announcing new sip-communicator-1.0 development project and sip-communicator.org web site

Emil Ivov emil.ivov at gmail.com
Sun Nov 13 00:32:12 CET 2005

Hello all,

As some of you might have noticed, there have been mails on the
cruisecontrol list going on for a while, announcing builds of a
sip-communicator-1.0 project.

Others, (most of us I can imagine) have probably rather noticed the fact
that the second deadline of the 1.0 release has been crossed and no 1.0
release has actually been made :).

All this to say that development has been going on alright but planning
was somehow messed up, and that was most probably because a talented
bunch of folks have been doing the dev and I was the one doing the
schedules ;).

Well, anyway. We have decided that it's about time that we stopped
trying overly optimistic forecasts concerning the release date and bring
development back to java.net. The reason it's not there already, is the
fact that the 1.0 release of the sip-communicator is not really an
update or a revision but a completely rewritten application (though the
bigger part the pre 1.0 sources have been incorporated in the new
release). We therefore didn't want to mess up repositories and have for
that purpose created the sip-communicator-1-0-draft subproject at java.net

We are now really quite very many much proud and happy to announce the
new sip-communicator site:


Do notice that this site is entirely dedicated to the 1.0 release and
that all maintenance of pre 1.0 code is discontinued (actually this has
been the case for some time already). Pre 1.0 sources would still be
available for download in case anyone would need them but no one would
be able to fix bugs or add new features, at least not as a part of this

Well, and there would be no point in doing so if you ask me since the
new release would do all that the previous one did but with added
reliability, flexibility and protocol stacks.

Now something that we'd like to change about sip-communicator-1.0 is the
way development is done. So far discussions have been closed, p2p or
direct and the dev mailing list has been left to abandon. We would like
to fix that and would try to have all subjects talked about on the dev
list. We have also created an irc channel at irc.freenode.net, chan
#sip-communicator for anything that one would have to discuss urgently.

One thing that is currently somewhat annoying is the fact that we will
obliged to keep 2 parallel projects, cvs repositories and issue trackers
for a while. Here are some more details on that:

* sip-communicator.org - this is our face. That's where we put all docs,
important information and links to everywhere and anywhere.

* sip-communicator.dev.java.net - this is where action happens. dev user
and announce mailing lists are hosted here. right now however the issues
and cvs mailing lists as well as the CVS repository itself are moved,
for reasons explained above, to:

* sip-communicator-1-0-draft.dev.java.net - That's where you'll be able 
to get latest sip-communicator sources and consult open issues. The
1-0-draft project is there only temporarily, in order to ensure a smooth
transition to 1.0. It will however be removed once we have judged it
ready to completely replace the pre 1.0 code.

I'd also like to remind you the change of licenses that has recently
taken place. We've decided that the LGPL is better suited to the project
especially given the new OSGI architecture. In other words we wouldn't
like to prevent people from adding plugins/bundles under whatever
license or payment they like, and this is perfectly possible with the
LGPL, and yet if someone fixes bugs in existing functionalities or adds
optimizations we'd be very eager to put our hands on them ;).

Note, that this is not an announcement of the new release itself but
rather of the effort. You'll be able to find more details on the new
sip-communicator.org site.

Well, I am glad to know that someone actually got to the end of that
long mail. Thanks for your patience and continuing support. See you soon
over the MLs and IRC (and maybe one day at a SIP Communicator DEV event
... who knows)


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