[jitsi-announce] Jitsi on FLOSS weekly!

Emil Ivov emcho at jitsi.org
Thu Apr 21 18:38:34 CEST 2011

The video from the FLOSS weekly session on Jitsi is now available for
download on http://twit.tv/floss162


На 13.04.11 16:48, Emil Ivov написа:
> Hey all,
> As you may have already noticed on our news feeds, on Wednesday April 20
> FLOSS weekly will be running a session dedicated to Jitsi with Emil Ivov
> (me) as guest speaker.
> The session will be broadcast in both audio and video so make sure you
> join!
> FLOSS Weekly is a popular weekly podcast about FLOSS. Past shows are
> archived at http://twit.tv/floss, and have included people like Tim
> O’Reilly, Kent Beck, Chris DiBona and even Linus Torvalds.
> Cheers,
> Emil

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