Stable 1.0 beta1 build.3651 is out!

Emil Ivov emcho at
Sat Sep 3 18:58:15 CEST 2011

After a few months of hard work, debugging and a lot of fun, the Jitsi
team is proud to bring you our latest stable Jitsi build!

Among the most notable changes this build brings we have:

* video calls to GTalk,
* calls to regular numbers via Google Voice,
* support for Skype's SILK wideband codec and many more

So, Don't waste any more time and go get it now at

Other important changes that the build includes:

* Adds support for Audio/Video calls to GoogleTalk users (including
calls to Gmail and Android)
* Adds support for calls to phone numbers via Google Voice
* Adds support for the SILK wideband codec
* Adds spell checking for chats
* Adds the possibility to log onto SIP servers using certificate rather
than a name and a password
* Fixes a problem that caused the "+" sign to be removed from numbers in
Outlook, Address Book or Google Contact
* Adds a general dial pad in the contact list.
* Fixes a number of issues with Windows Live (MSN)
* Improves parsing of the provisioning URI
* Fixes possible deadlocks in video calls
* Adds OS integration for detection of network changes and user inactivity
* Makes call history and chats display names rather than addresses and
numbers whenever possible
* Adds proper handling for the 301/302 SIP responses for call forwarding
* Shows avatars for Nimbuzz contacts
* Numerous (and we do mean numerous) other fixes and enhancements

Best regards from the Jitsi dev team!

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