[jitsi-announce] Jitsi Desktop 2.10 released

Ingo Bauersachs ingo at jitsi.org
Tue Feb 7 14:36:34 CET 2017

Hello everyone

Over the last weekend at FOSDEM we prepared the last bits for the release of
Jitsi Desktop 2.10. It is now available for download at
https://download.jitsi.org. Existing Mac and Windows users should receive an
upgrade notification, Linux users should update using their package manager.

The following release notes lists the most important changes, but the list
is by no means complete.

Release Notes 2.10
- Log DNS queries in packet log
- Option to disable popups
- Updated translations
- Database based configuration service enabled by default (switch back to
properties file based configuration by creating ~/.jitsi/.usepropfileconfig)
- Binaries signed with SHA256 by Ingo Bauersachs reflecting the community
- Improved add contact dialog
- DNSSEC validation based on dnssecjava
- Improved IPv6 handling
- Draggable call window
- Fix treating a new ZRTP ID as a mismatch
- Show SHA256 fingerprint when encoutering untrusted certificates
- Update embedded JRE to 1.8.121

Operating Systems
- Support for Office 2016
- Removed support for Office 2003/2007
- Support for Windows 10 default application list
- Support for more webcams, e.g. ManyCam virtual camera
- Sanitize filename in incoming file transfers

- Tray icon disabled by default, support for AppIndicator if enabled in
- Fixed crash when switching consoles, enabling screensaver, etc.

- Support for tel: and callto: URIs

- Yahoo!, the network doesn't exist anymore
- Facebook, doesn't allow XMPP connections anymore
- MSN, the network doesn't exist anymore

- Realtime contact updates
- Some support for IRC v3.1
- SASL authentication
- Proxy support

- Improved handling of xmpp: URIs
- Querying of Google Contacts with OAuth2
- Fix CVE-2017-5603

- New Busy Lamp Field plugin to monitor lines on a PBX
- Fix display name field in SIP account wizard
- Option to disable proxy filter for HA environments
- New SDES ciphers
- Allow to add SIP contacts with spaces in their phone number
- Support for domains that have NAPTR records for other protocols than SIP

- Remove 8-character password limitation

Best regards,

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