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Thu Dec 15 19:16:34 CET 2005

User: emcho   
Date: 2005/12/15 10:16:34

 Added a utlity for configuring protocol accounts for automated testing

File Changes:

Directory: /sip-communicator-1-0-draft/lib/

File [added]: accounts.properties.template
Url: https://sip-communicator-1-0-draft.dev.java.net/source/browse/sip-communicator-1-0-draft/lib/accounts.properties.template?rev=1.1&content-type=text/vnd.viewcvs-markup
Added lines: 23
# This is a template for the account.properties file. The account.properties
# file contains a list of protocol account initialization properties, such as
# SIP server addresses and usernames, ICQ uin-s and passwords, AIM screennames
# and etc. The account.properties file MUST NOT be committed to CVS or shared
# among developers since that could lead to multiple login problems and cause
# testing to fail. You could create the file yourself using this template and
# setting all fields as indicated.
# @author Emil Ivov

# The ICQ UIN (number) for the ICQ implementation that is going to be tested.

# The Password for the UIN specifined in accounts.icq.TESTED_IMPL_ACCOUNT_ID.

# The ICQ UIN (number) for the ICQ SLICK itself, so that it would be able to
# sign on icq and also communicated with the tested implementation.

# The Password for the UIN specifined in accounts.icq.TESTING_IMPL_ACCOUNT_ID.

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