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User: emcho   
Date: 2007-05-14 14:10:55+0000
 Committing geolocation for Jabber from Guillaume Schreiner - Louis Pasteur University, France
 a listener that allows collecting GeolocationEvent-s

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Directory: /sip-communicator/src/net/java/sip/communicator/service/protocol/event/

File [added]: GeolocationListener.java
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 * SIP Communicator, the OpenSource Java VoIP and Instant Messaging client.
 * Distributable under LGPL license.
 * See terms of license at gnu.org.
package net.java.sip.communicator.service.protocol.event;

import java.util.*;

 * The listener interface for receiving geolocation events.
 * The class that is interested in processing a geolocation event
 * implements this interface, and the object created with that
 * class is registered with the geolocation operation set, using its
 * <code>addGeolocationListener</code> method. When a geolocation event
 * occurs, that object's <code>contactGeolocationChanged</code> method is
 * invoked.
 * @see GeolocationEvent
 * @author Guillaume Schreiner
public interface GeolocationListener
    extends EventListener
     * Called whenever a change occurs in the GeolocationPresence of one of the
     * contacts that we have subscribed for.
     * @param evt the ContactGeolocationPresenceChangeEvent describing the
     * status change.
    public void contactGeolocationChanged(GeolocationEvent evt);

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