[sip-comm-dev] Problems with large sip messages

luigi lucci luigi_lucci at yahoo.it
Fri May 21 15:37:28 CEST 2004

hi.I'm developing some specific security services(integrity, confidentiality, non repudiation) for SIP communicator.
Inside the SDP message body of SIP message i put encrypted content ,signatures and other things. I have to face some problem relating to the size of SIP messages.
For example when i send an invite+its body:
i put the specific content  (client side) inside the method call invite 
when i have to read the sdcontent to server side:
inside the method  processInvite 
i extract the content with
the problem is that when i send in sdcontent large message
the function getrawcontent cut some lines of the content.
To find a solution i sniffed the udp packet to see if a udp packet loss occurred but on the server side the packets arrive correctly.
So i think the problem can be:
in the manner with wich udp packets are handled by sip stack
a possible maximum size set (i don't know where) for sip messages
a problem with the getrawcontent and string/bytes conversion
Thanx in advance for some suggestions.

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