[sip-comm-dev] echo cancellation / more multiple concurrent conversation fun (HELP)

Koch Michael MKoch at rowa.de
Mon Nov 5 13:29:49 CET 2007

Hi Emil!

> Hello Michael
> Koch Michael wrote:
> > Hello Emil, Sergei!
> > 
> >> We (mostly Damian actually) have been working on echo 
> cancellation for
> >> some time now. We have been using the speex utilities for 
> this. So far
> >> we have managed to get something working on Linux but the 
> situation is
> >> far from being ready for integration in the source code, and 
> >> it doesn't
> >> work on Windows or Mac OS X.
> > 
> > This sounds really interesting. We need echo cancellation for our
> > application, so I could spend time working on it. Do you 
> think it would make
> > sense if I have a go at the code, or would you rather not 
> publish it at this
> > state?
> The thing is that it requires substantial modifications in 
> the existing
> code of the media package so we can't commit it until it's 
> fully tested
> or else it would probably break everything. I don't know whether we'll
> be able to commit soon since the project is on hold at the 
> moment, so we
> might as well send it to you.
> Let me know if you'd like this.

Yes, I'd be interested. I'd like to try out if it works for our setup. If
yes, I could take the time to work on the code to do it "properly".

Michael Koch
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