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Sun Nov 25 16:57:43 CET 2007

Hi Yana,
thanks for your last post. I have a question about the creation of a new tab:
I've added a new package called messagetab under plugins, and the whole bundle is created when I run SC (messagetab.jar exists in sc-bundles containing at the moment the MessageTabActivator and MessageTabImpl class).
But when I start the program, no additional tab is displayed. I tried it in several ways. Should my tab be a new instance of the jtabbedpane, therefore my Implementation class extends the jtabbedpane and I create a new one, or should it be only a single tab that is added to the MainTabbedPane of SC? If the latter is the case, how must I proceed to get the correct references and constructor calls?
Thanks also for the MAINTABBEDPANE-Container, I think the activator works well!


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Hi Bernhard,

first, sorry for the late reply.

If I understand well what you mean, you could use the GUI plugin 
functionality in order to make your tab. You could have a look on the 
following "how to":

And also, there's a simple example plugin in package.

If you would like your tab to appear in the main tabbed pane, the 
container, where you should add it is CONTAINER_MAIN_TABBED_PANE (it's 
defined in the UIService). Make sure to make an update and take the last 
version of SIP Communicator, as I have just added this container to the 
supported plugin containers:)

Hope this helps,

Glatt Bernhard (Student Com07) wrote:
> Hi SC-community,
> as a university exam project we would like to implement a new tab for the SC, visualizing the last few messages transmitted in all current open messaging sessions.
> More exactly, for each instant message session a new small window is open by default. When more such windows are open, one could loose the overview, specially to see what has been written lastly in one session. 
> Our goal would be to create a new tab in the main window of sip-communicator, which displays a single table for each open messaging session, that contains the last few messages transmitted (sent and received) for that session. The tables are positioned one under the other, and should give a better overview about all your messaging. Of course each table shows also the type of service used (icon for msn, yahoo, etc) and the contact's name.
> I've read through the documentation of SC, and had a look at the source code.
> As I understood a good approach would be developing a plugin containing all parts related to this project. So the tab and its content creation can be called there. Everything should be related to the protocol provider service, but it's not really clear to me yet, how we should use it exactly.
> My question is if someone could give us advices or hints how to implement the tab functionality the best way!
> Thanks a lot in advance,
> enjoy your work,
> Bernhard Glatt
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