AW: [sip-comm-dev] Packetization-Time ignored

Damian Minkov damencho at
Thu Nov 15 17:04:48 CET 2007

Hi Thomas,

I've found there is a problem with the value 30 for this buffer, so I've 
made it to 60.
The problem is with asterisk and nat. Asterisk rtp part find that you 
are behind nat
when you start sending rtp and some how with value of 30 for the 
we do not start sending media and so we did not receive media from 
asterisk, actually asterisk
before seeing your media send the media to your private address.


Damian Minkov wrote:
> Hi Thomas,
> I've committed and acked the fix for buffer lengths in MediaControl
> Sorry for the delay, I have test it under MacOS a week ago and works 
> fine with 20,30 ... and I've committed it as 30.
> damencho
> Damian Minkov wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I have tested it on MacOS and there the java complained about it and
>> so i found that 130 is ok and doesn't make problems with MacOS java. I
>> can have a look at this when have time and will report it. We are
>> planning soon to be moving to FMJ so when this happens we will use its
>> Packetizer.
>> damencho
>> On 9/12/07, Thomas Hofer <mailinglisten at> wrote:
>>> Thanks to your help I finally got the point!
>>> I just unregistered the Mulaw-Packetizer in the register custom 
>>> codecs and
>>> registered my own, which subclasses the original one. The only 
>>> change is the
>>> packetsize of 240 (original was 480).
>>> Additionally I changed the input buffer size in Mediacontrol to 30 
>>> (but also
>>> values from 10-60 work fine), 130 seems to be a very long time for 
>>> input
>>> packets for voice communication.
>>> The comment says, that the default value of 125ms does not work on 
>>> MacOS. Is
>>> it a problem with exact that value, or can it be less, e.g. 30? I've 
>>> no mac
>>> here to test that behavior.
>>> If anyone is interested, I attached the files.
>>> Cheers, thomas
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