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Julien greenjava at gmail.com
Wed Sep 5 18:35:39 CEST 2007

Hi all,
I made a new little big patch for the whiteboard plugin in SIP-Communicator.

- Now each type (Path, Image...) of object for the Whiteboard are manage in
a specific class (WhiteboardObjectPath, WhiteboardObjectImage...).
- The attributes in these objects were replaced by methods.
- A new class WhitheboardPoint is used in the place of my double[] (more
- The WhitheboardObject listener is now in the
- XML message parsing is now made in each WhitheboardObject[Type]JabberImpl.
- Add WhiteboardObjectDeletedEvent to manage a reception of a "delete
WhitheboardObject action".
- A new method getSupportedWhiteboardObjects() in the WhiteboardSession to
indicate the objects manage by the session.

The patch is here : http://caotic.free.fr/sip/whiteboard5.patch
Icons used by the plugin :
http://caotic.free.fr/sip/icons_whiteboard.zip(SVN can't include
type objects)

A little problem during the development :
Smack records our own "PacketExtensionProvider"
(WhiteboardObjectJabberProvider) well and it uses them, but when there is an
error in the method of decoding (after
 parsing of the message), no exception is turned over and the messages are
"lost" :(

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