[sip-comm-dev] [PATCH] Logging of RTP statistics

Koch Michael MKoch at rowa.de
Wed Sep 5 14:51:16 CEST 2007

Hi Emil!

> Good idea. I've applied, committed and acked your patch. I've only
> modified it slightly and removed the description parameter. 
> Instead I am
> trying to match the rtpManager reference to the audio rtp manager and
> thus determine whether that's the one I am dealing with. The 
> reason was
> simply to lower the impact of the statistics print on the rest of the
> class.
> Let me know if you disagree.

Not at all, actually I think that with your changes it fits better with the
rest of the class (no wonder, since you are the original author). But,
looking through the cvs commit log, I've seen that you have left in the
rtpManagerDescription parameter which I've added to stopStreaming. I guess
that this was by accident and that you'll want to remove it.

> I think that we'll probaby be modifying this class 
> quite a lot in
> the recent future (it's far too complicated now) so I'd like it to
> remain as flexible as possible.

I hope that when it is rewritten, passing of video streams to the GUI is
taken into account, as we've discussed in a previous thread. I think that
I'll pick up on this thread soon, since I now have looked into it some more.

Michael Koch
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