[sip-comm-dev] Alert for new yahoo mail

Matthew Rubenstein email at mattruby.com
Mon Sep 10 15:34:19 CEST 2007

	Why use a flag in the event rather than a subclass for different
message types? What if the different type received needs different
methods or extra structured data?

On Mon, 2007-09-10 at 12:36 +0200, Yana Stamcheva wrote:
> Hi Sympho, Emil,
> >> Or, will it be better to have a
> >>     NewMailEvent
> >> for example ? (we can name it differently)
> >> So listeners can do what they want when a new mail is delivered.
> > 
> > I know that the UI is using some mechanism to distinguish certain
> > messages as system so that they appear differently to the user. I think
> > that e-mail notifications would be a perfect example of such messages so
> > you could probably deliver them this way. (Yana could probably give you
> > more details on this).
> Good idea. Actually in the MessageReceivedEvent you could find a special 
> event type SYSTEM_MESSAGE_RECEIVED which will make your message to be 
> displayed differently in the gui.
> Yana

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