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Romain filirom1 at gmail.com
Wed Jul 8 15:28:06 CEST 2009

We had a long phone conversation today with Emil, S-C works well :)

We made some changes in the previous conception :
1 - I used transformer which substitute audio packet for dtmf packet.
We don't want to loose audio packet so instead we will inject dtmf packet.

In order to inject packet without transformation, I will refactor the
impl.media.transform package.
The TransformConnector will be generalized as a simple Connector.
This connector will handle TransformInputStream or just simple InputStream
(same thing for OutputStream).
We will inject packet using  OutputStream#write(buffer,offset,length)
Also, we will be able to create a Connector without a TranformEngine, and
add it later.

2 - I made some changes in CalSessionImpl
But the CallSessionImpl will change soon, so I will try to write my code as
a standalone entity.
I will create an Object DtmfControl that will contains every function
previously added in CallSessionImpl.

3 - I used several OperationSetDtmfSipImpl : one for DtmfRTP and one other
for DtmfSipInfo.
I will use only one OperationSetDtmfSipImpl which will dispatch to
DtmfSipInfoHandler or DtmfRtpHandler acording to the configuration.

4 - In SipInfoDtmf the duration of a digit is not handled.
With RtpDTmf the duration is needed. So I will change the method
sendDtmf(tone) in OperationSetDtmfSipImpl with startSendingDtmf(tone) and
stopSendingDtmf(tone). I will add a TimeOut if the Gui make some strange

5 - I used Listener in order to communicate between the
OperationSetDtmfSipImpl and the CallSessionImpl. There is no need, I can
call directly the CallSessionImpl Object.



2009/7/8 Romain <filirom1 at gmail.com>

> Hello
> One week ago, I started my second GSoC project : DTMF, here is my progress
> :
> I tried to figure out how implementing DTMF in S-C.
> To illustrate my explanation I added some UML, joint in this mail.
> In the sequence diagram I saw that DialPanel (the GUI) call the function
> sendDTMF in OperationSetDTMFSipImpl.
> My idea was to create a new OperationSetDTMF4733SipImpl implementing
> OperationSetDTMF.
> The function sendDTMF will fire a new Event : Dtmf4733PressedEvent
> containing the value of the pressed key. CallSessionImpl will Listen that
> Event.
> When it occures CallSessionImpl will use Transformers to tranform an audio
> packet into dtmf packet.
> When the user release the dtmf digit (Dtmf4733ReleasedEvent) the
> transformation end.
> The transformer part :
> I found no way to add a transformerConnector during a call.
> So I add the transformerConnector at initilization. During a call, the
> transformerEngine will choose one PacketTransformer between
> VoidPacketTransformer  (does no transformation) and DtmfPacketTransformer
>  (change an audio packet into a dtmf packet)
> The Dtmf packet is described in DTMFRawPacket.
> I started implementing it, you can find the zip joint in this mail.
> Now I need to figure that points :
>   - where do I call addDtmfListener, removeDtmfListener  and fireDtmfEvents
>   - check that this conception work (finish the code). I have doubts on the
> transformerEngine.
>   - how to add options in the Configuration GUI and Wizard
>   - write the real transformation code (DTMFRawPacket is empty).
> Cheers
> Romain
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