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shashank aug21st at gmail.com
Mon Jul 27 18:55:04 CEST 2009


I have a couple quick suggestions and comments after looking at your
screenshot (Nice work BTW).


> *Where to write names for the sliders used?

For the horizontal slider (which I'm guessing is the brightness?), it
would make sense to put an identifying label at the left end of the
slider. I'm not sure what to suggest for the vertical one. Perhaps try
using a tooltip?

 tooltip sounds nice. will try that. and horizontal one is for cropping

> *Should I go for contrast also?

Brightness and contrast settings are often paired with each other, so
if you want to be really complete, my personal opinion would be yes.

will do that

Also, you may want to try applying the setOpaque(false) property to
the sliders so that they will blend into our blue background better,
instead of having that grey box behind them.


On 7/27/09, Shashank Tyagi <shashank.tyagi.cse06 at itbhu.ac.in> wrote:
> Hi all,
>          Have added functions to allow users to edit the selected image.
> Only cropping and brightness for now. Few thing in which I can use some
> suggestions:
> *Where to write names for the sliders used? Mean which slider for cropping
> and which is for brightness. Have skipped it for now.
> *Should I go for contrast also?
> *In the main image select panel have used text links (have also changed
> cursor) but still its not looking that attractive. When I used buttons it
> filled the whole space so used text links. Any other suggestion which I
> could try? Also what should be the text in the links?
> Any implementation changes in code are also welcome.
> Have attached the printscreen for edit image panel.
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