[sip-comm-dev] No audio playback in SIP Communicator?

John Stroy jdstroy at dev.java.net
Thu Jul 9 04:37:07 CEST 2009

Hi Emil, hi Warner,

I apologize for not getting back to you sooner.

I tried changing the DNS server to, and that didn't have
an effect.  It's probably worth noting that the FQDN of my machine still
forward resolves on public DNS servers...

I also tried changing the DNS suffix on my machine so that it wouldn't
resolve (by adding .local to the name); however, this didn't affect my
call either.  I made a wireshark capture for this session, figuring it
might be useful (attached).

I'll open an issue on the SC tracker soon.

Indeed, SJPhone is configured with a STUN server.  However, I've elected
to disable the usage of STUN discovered addresses in SJPhone since it
(supposedly) interferes with Voxalot's media relay.  As for other
address mappings or different setups of SJPhone, I'm not aware of any. is not an address that I manually configured, but it is
used by virtualization services (VirtualBox, I think?)

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