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S Pinker stephenpinker79 at yahoo.com
Thu Aug 5 07:21:20 CEST 2010

Sorry for writing back late. Here is my report on the following details.

> I have some problems to. On Ubuntu+KDE 4.5 this is happening and appears window 

I am unaware of this issue. I use the standard Gnome desktop environment. I wish 
you the best in getting this resolved.

> Which desktop environment of Ubuntu is your request for? I assume here that 
>your report is for the default desktop environment of Ubuntu i.e. GNOME.

Yes, this is correct.

> I'm rather asking in order to better understand the request. Because if it is 
>for Ubuntu's GNOME desktop, the shift seems to be toward the indicator applet 
>and the indicator session applet.

My apologies for not making it more clear. What I called taskbar in my previous 
message is technically known as the "notification area" in Gnome. I have 
included a partial screenshot.

> Could you please point us to the guideline in GNOME Human Interface Guidelines 
>which specifies that a single click in to be used in the case instead of a 
>double click?

I could not find one specifically, but I was able to locate this, I hope it 

"Make your application consistent with itself and with other applications, in 
both its appearance and its behaviour. This is one of the most important design 
principles, and probably the most famous, but it is also frequently ignored. 
While this document serves as the basis for consistency between GNOME 
applications, you are encouraged to look at and follow other application's 
conventions where this document provides no guidelines."

> If I'm not mistaken, XChat is a GTK+ application which does not boast GNOME 
>compliance. I seem to remember a separate project called xchat-gnome which 
>attempts to produce a GNOME-compliant XChat version.

I installed xchat-gnome to test it for you. Unfortunately it did not prove 
fruitful in revealing any valuable information because it doesn't use a 
notification icon at all.

If it is any consolation, I viewed the popularity of gnome-xchat against regular 
xchat installations on ubuntu systems, and approximately 2 out of 3 people 
install regular xchat instead of gnome-xchat.

xchat                          134130
xchat-gnome                     63049

> I'm not entirely sure what Skype is consistent with but I'm not so sure it is 
>the default desktop environment of Ubuntu. For example, its Options window is 
>not only called Options instead of Preferences but it's also entirely "explicit 
>apply" instead of being generally "instant apply" and "explicit apply" only for 
>groups of controls which require it.

You're absolutely correct that Skype is inconsistent within itself. It was 
simply listed as a reference for it's consistency with other apps in the 
notification area alone. Programs that I did not list earlier that also exhibit 
single click behavior are vlc media player and gnome remote desktop 

I would list more 'installed by default' programs that exhibit this behaviour, 
but unfortunately almost none of the default programs use a notification icon at 

Empathy appears to have a similar icon action, but inconsistent. When clicking 
the Empathy icon, it opens immediately, but clicking it again does not replace 
the program. Instead, it does nothing.

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