[sip-comm-dev] Call Recording

Dmitri Melnikov dmitri807 at gmail.com
Thu Aug 12 19:56:01 CEST 2010

Hi all,

Thank you, Lubomir, for doing the integration of my patch and making a
lot of fixes!

- I agree the Recorder API isn't perfect in the sense that it assumes
that startRecording should be always followed by stopRecording.
RecorderImpl has a corresponding internal state, so calling
startRecording the second time does nothing.

- Now that you mention it, the "Save call to..." dialog itself does
seem redundant...

- About the "Save call to..."  file chooser. I don't understand how
exactly is it different from everything else, to me the "Send file" in
chats looks the same. Furthemore, in the MainToolBar I see that
GenericFileDialog.create creates this chooser and I use the same. The
only difference is that in the first case it's called with
SipCommFileChooser.LOAD_FILE_OPERATION and I use

- About using MediaDeviceSession instead of Processor, I already tried
to refactor that, but found it difficult to accomplish. I can try it
again once the other issues are fixed.

That exception is very strange. It's caused by null from
deviceSession#getOutputDataSource() when the processor is null or not
realized. But I don't know why it works on my system and not on
yours... The UI button remains highlighted as a result of this


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