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Emil Ivov emcho at sip-communicator.org
Fri Aug 6 22:42:14 CEST 2010

Hey guys,

a couple of quick comments inline:

На 06.08.10 21:28, Lubomir Marinov написа:
> Hello Dmitri,
> I reviewed and tested your recording.patch and I liked it.
> I wanted to commit it but I didn't agree with a few things. I thought
> I'd manage to deal with them but new ones kept appearing and I finally
> reverted and decided to just let you handle all of them.
> - The package .service.protocol cannot reference media. Its
> counterpart which can is called .service.protocol.media and is
> separately distributed in protocol-media.jar. Since
> OperationSetBasicTelephony is about streaming media, I think it's a
> good idea to put AbstractOperationSetBasicTelephony in
> protocol-media.jar (i.e. move the class in question to the package
> .service.protocol.media) and allow it to access MediaAwareCall.
> - AbstractOperationSetBasicTelephony cannot have a Recorder field
> because it handles multiple calls. The Recorder reference has to be
> specific to the Call instance. After giving
> AbstractOperationSetBasicTelephony access to MediaAwareCall, I think
> the Recorder can be placed in MediaAwareCall.
> - The neomedia cannot reference .service.protocol (I believe).


> There's currently a reference in SecurityEventManager 

Oops. This one must have slipped by. We should try to get rid of it.


> but I don't think we
> should introduce another reference for the purposes of the Recorder.
> Recorder needs a MediaDevice with an AudioMixer, it doesn't need a
> whole Call i.e. have MediaService#createRecorder() take a MediaDevice,
> not a Call.
> - RecordButton is a copy of an existing class. There's a pattern in
> the extenders of SIPCommToggleButton so extract a new base from them
> and make all of them extend it, don't copy the existing file and just
> change a few lines without even changing the comments.
> - We need an icon for the RecordButton.
> - Tools > Options > General is too crowded already. We have to think
> of a better place for the Call Recording configuration UI.
> Emil also reminded me in a private conversation of the following from
> the "Call Recording UI" thread:
> - The configuration of the Call Recording has to allow the user to
> choose whether the call records are to always go in a specific folder
> or the user is to choose on a per-call basis.
> - In the "always" case, the user should be able to choose a folder in
> the configuration UI. The default directory shouldn't be
> ~/.sip-communicator/calls but rather something known such as Desktop,
> My Documents (on Windows) or Documents (on Mac OS X and Linux).
> - The Record button tool tip will also tell the user which is the chosen folder.
> - In the per-call case, the user will have to specify the file and the
> format when they press the Record button.
> - A notification message is to be displayed to notify the user where
> the call record is to be found. For example, at the end of the
> recording.
> Regards,
> Lubomir
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