[jitsi-dev] strange (protocol) messages when writing to vtok client on iPhone

STefan Mayer stefan at clumsy.ch
Mon Mar 19 10:39:49 CET 2012


After not finding anything about this (or a similar) issue on the 
mailing lists and other sources I'll explain it here:

When using Jitsi on my MacBook pro writing to a vtok client on an iPhone 
there are some "protocol" messages before and after each written 
text-message on the iphone looking like "A5BF" or similar. Seems like an 
increasing "message identifier" or similar.

It only seems to be the combination Jitsi <=> vtok on iPhone , as I 
tried various other combinations, never having this problem...

Anyone else seen this?

Kind regards


PS: using latest versions of jitsi and vtok.

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