[Issue 421] Make local SIP port configurable

smazy at dev.java.net smazy at dev.java.net
Fri Dec 12 22:29:28 CET 2008


------- Additional comments from smazy at dev.java.net Fri Dec 12 21:29:27 +0000 2008 -------
Since r4816:
 - SC does not use anymore registrar and proxy ports for the ListeningPoint
 - uses 5060 and 5061 as respective default ports for clear (UDP and TCP) and
secure (TLS) connections (hard coded).
 - tries to bind to the port values defined by the following configuration keys:
   - net.java.sip.communicator.SIP_PREFERRED_CLEAR_PORT for clear UDP and TCP
   - net.java.sip.communicator.SIP_PREFERRED_SECURE_PORT for TLS

No UI option for the moment though.

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