[sip-comm-issues] [Issue 427] New - Multiple .sip-communicator directories lead to account loss

lubomir_m at dev.java.net lubomir_m at dev.java.net
Fri Jul 11 13:37:23 CEST 2008

                 Issue #|427
                 Summary|Multiple .sip-communicator directories lead to account
                        | loss
              OS/Version|Mac OS X
       Status whiteboard|
              Issue type|DEFECT
             Assigned to|issues at sip-communicator
             Reported by|lubomir_m

------- Additional comments from lubomir_m at dev.java.net Fri Jul 11 11:37:22 +0000 2008 -------
The bug is strictly Mac OS X-specific because it's the only platform on which
SIP Communicator uses two directories to store its state - ~/.sip-communicator
and ~/Library/Application Support/.sip-communicator.

Steps to reproduce:
1. Delete the ~/.sip-communicator and ~/Library/Application
Support/.sip-communicator directories.
2. Launch SIP Communicator. In my cause, I do it from inside the development
tree using "ant run".
3. Because of the directories deleted in step 1, there should be no registered
accounts so register at least one.
4. Quit the application.
5. Launch it again. I use "ant run" once again.

What happens:
The application as launched in step 5 doesn't have registered accounts though at
least one account was registered in step 3 (and displays the simple registration
dialog which gets opened on startup when there are no registered accounts).

What is expected to happen:
When the application is launched in step 5, it should load the account
registered in step 3.

Other information:
On Mac OS X (i.e. when the condition osName.startsWith("Mac") is satisfied)
net.java.sip.communicator.launcher.SIPCommunicator.main() sets the property
net.java.sip.communicator.SC_HOME_DIR_LOCATION depending on the existence of the
directory ~/.sip-communicator. Could it be that:

1. the first time the application is started ~/.sip-communicator doesn't exist
and ~/Library/Application Support/.sip-communicator gets used as
SC_HOME_DIR_LOCATION but ~/.sip-communicator is created later (e.g. by Felix
Main.main() which is last given control), and

2. on subsequent launches ~/.sip-communicator exists already so it's being used
as SC_HOME_DIR_LOCATION instead of ~/Library/Application Support/.sip-communicator?

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