[sip-comm-issues] [Issue 434] Wrong ID when try to install an already installed account

a_todorov at dev.java.net a_todorov at dev.java.net
Wed Jan 7 17:03:34 CET 2009


User a_todorov changed the following:

                What    |Old value                 |New value
                      CC|''                        |'a_todorov'

------- Additional comments from a_todorov at dev.java.net Wed Jan  7 16:03:31 +0000 2009 -------
With sip-communicator-1.0-alpha3.nightly.build.1621 adding a second IRC account
didn't result in two IRC accounts but only one. The settings for the first
account were lost. No errors though. 

Is this a separate issue or the same as this one?

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