[sip-comm-issues] Changes to multiple issues in sip-communicator

emcho at dev.java.net emcho at dev.java.net
Tue Jan 12 15:03:39 CET 2010


User emcho has changed several issues in sip-communicator
project.  Below is a list of the changed issues you are associated with:

 Issues:     Summary:
 578         SIP Communicator should never steal the focus
 559         Allow same contact  in several groups
 627         SELinux is preventing java from loading libjmutil.so which requires text relocation.
 620         Deadlocks between ChatWindowManager and IrcStack (was: Deadlock on irc auto-connect to room.)
 626         SELinux is preventing java from loading libcivil.so which requires text relocation.
 617         rework our meta contact list
 728         Display details for contact requesting to add me to their roster
 628         SELinux is preventing java from loading libjdic_misc.so which requires text relocation.
 610         no convenient way to leave a persistent jabber room
 737         apply code verification tool
 541         IRC join command not opening room window
 388         use an OSGi dependency manager.
 378         Implement Adium chat window themes
 359         History search doesn't highlight and scroll
 298         Implement support for IAX
 534         Install CheckStyle and make it run with CruiseControl
 706         Indicate missed calls
 687         looses track of some chatwindows
 736         Problems with TLS (TLS not well implemented?!)
 573         the unknown presence state use the same icon as offline


 Field:                     Value:
 Target milestone           1.3


Moving the above issues for 1.3 as we are planning for quick 1.1 and 1.2 release
and we won't have the time to handle the above. Others may follow.

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