[sip-comm-issues] [Issue 829] Remove audio codecs that depends on JMF library on 64-bit OS and Mac OS X

s_vincent at dev.java.net s_vincent at dev.java.net
Mon Jun 28 09:41:55 CEST 2010


User s_vincent changed the following:

                What    |Old value                 |New value
                  Status|NEW                       |RESOLVED
              Resolution|                          |FIXED
                 Summary|Remove audio codecs that d|Remove audio codecs that d
                        |epends on JMF library on 6|epends on JMF library on 6
                        |4-bit OS and Mac OS X     |4-bit OS and Mac OS X

------- Additional comments from s_vincent at dev.java.net Mon Jun 28 07:41:55 +0000 2010 -------
Fixed in revision 7296.

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