[jitsi-issues] #1288: useless JavaEmbeddedFrame in taskbar, Linux Mint 16

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Mon Mar 24 12:38:20 CET 2014

#1288: useless JavaEmbeddedFrame in taskbar, Linux Mint 16
 Reporter:  LogicalDash            |       Owner:  somebody
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 Keywords:  cinnamon, linux, mint  |

Comment (by LogicalDash):

 I discussed this on the Jitsi mailing lists and the link to that
 discussion is:

 I'm running Jitsi built from git commit f5cb93e794 on Linux Mint 16, 64

 Everything seems ok except there's an extra entry in my taskbar. It says
 "JavaEmbeddedFrame". It seems not to have any actual window associated.
 I can't close it, though I can move it to another desktop to get it out
 of the way.

 (Firefox forgot the description when I previewed. Weird.)

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