[jitsi-issues] #1155: Using an '@' in an XMPP resource causes problems

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Wed May 28 02:35:46 CEST 2014

#1155: Using an '@' in an XMPP resource causes problems
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Comment (by sandy8925):

 It looks like some smack StringUtils methods for parsing XMPP addresses
 are incorrect. It may be that this bug is already fixed in latest version
 of smack.

 Can any of the Jitsi developers answer the following questions?

 Is the smack.jar (in Jitsi source code) compiled from source by Jitsi
 Is it modified from original smack code? if yes, where can I find the
 source for that?
 If not, how do I find out which version of smack is currently being used
 in Jitsi? (from git log, it looks like version>=3.2.2 is being used)

 Then I can find out if this problem is already fixed, or needs to be fixed
 in upstream smack , and then new version of smack.jar needs to be built.

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