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Damian Minkov damencho at jitsi.org
Fri Mar 23 12:45:47 CET 2012


thanks for pointing it. I've edited the page, is it ok now?


On Fri, Mar 23, 2012 at 1:35 PM, Tomas Kopal <Tomas.Kopal at altap.cz> wrote:
> Hi,
> thanks for checking this. You are right, I was on the "stable" one. I
> followed a link on http://jitsi.org/index.php/Development/VersionControl
> It leads to the stable only, and there is no mention it is stable, it is
> stating it is a nightly snapshot. Maybe the page should be updated then?
> Tomas
> On 23.3.2012 7:39, Damian Minkov wrote:
>> Hi,
>> On Thu, Mar 22, 2012 at 7:40 PM, Tomas Kopal <Tomas.Kopal at altap.cz> wrote:
>>> Hi,
>>> I made some experiments with jitsi using the sources. (BTW, the nightly
>>> source snapshots are not working, the latest is early december last year.)
>> The nightly snapshots are working fine there are located here:
>> http://download.jitsi.org/jitsi/nightly/src/
>> Maybe you were looking at the stable one and got confused by the name
>> nightly in the name :)
>> http://download.jitsi.org/jitsi/src/.
>> Cheers
>> damencho
>>> In AESCrypto.java, there are three ciphers to try for encoding passwords:
>>> private static final String CIPHER_ALGORITHM = "AES/ECB/PKCS5PADDING";
>>> On Linux, the first one, AES, gets selected during initialization, but
>>> on Windows, for some reason, AES is not available, so ECB gets selected.
>>> So after switching the OS, wrong cipher is used to decrypt the encrypted
>>> password.
>>> I think that relying on the first available cipher to be always the same
>>> is a bit strong assumption to make. This might be a problem not only
>>> when sharing profiles, but also when e.g. upgrading java, or when moving
>>> profiles between computers.
>>> It would be nice to have the cipher used somehow stored in the
>>> configuration, next to the password (or maybe even together with the
>>> encrypted password), so the right one is used to decrypt it (if
>>> possible), regardless if the more preffered one is available. If the
>>> requred cipher is not available, at least more meaningfull error message
>>> may be displayed.
>>> What do you think? Can you change this? Or shall I prepare a patch? (I
>>> am not really strong in Java, I am more C/C++ guy).
>>> Thanks
>>> Tomas
>>> On 2012-03-20 12:54, Emil Ivov wrote:
>>>> Hey Tomas,
>>>> Sorry for the late reply.
>>>> Unfortunately, I am not sure why there would be differences in the way
>>>> passwords are encrypted on Linux and Windows. That kind of profile
>>>> sharing is not a priority for us though so I don't think anyone at the
>>>> BlueJimp side would have time to look into this any time soon.
>>>> Of course, I'd be curious to hear any suggestions.
>>>> In the mean time, you may want to try using provisioning to achieve the
>>>> same:
>>>> http://jitsi.org/provisioning
>>>> Given that you only care about your profile, simply making your
>>>> properties file accessible through HTTPS should be enough.
>>>> Hope this helps,
>>>> Emil
>>>> On 12.03.12 09:46, Tomas Kopal wrote:
>>>>> Hi,
>>>>> I am trying to setup a profile shared between windows XP and Linux on a
>>>>> dual boot computer. Everything seems to be working fine except for
>>>>> passwords.
>>>>> If I am not using a master password, then every time I switch OS, all
>>>>> protocols are asking for password eventhough I have checked the "Remeber
>>>>> password" option in the other OS.
>>>>> If I enable usage of master password, I can not login at all in the
>>>>> other OS than where I set up the master password ("password invalid").
>>>>> I have compared stored jitsi settings after entering pass in both OS,
>>>>> and the encrypted password differs between platforms. Looks like Windows
>>>>> version can't decrypt what Linux encrypted and vice versa.
>>>>> Does anyone has any idea what could be wrong?
>>>>> Thanks for any help.
>>>>> Best regards
>>>>> Tomas Kopal
>>>> --
>>>> http://jitsi.org

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