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Bzzz lazyvirus at gmx.com
Sat Mar 17 14:10:21 CET 2012

On Sat, 17 Mar 2012 13:24:55 +0100
"Ingo Bauersachs" <ingo at jitsi.org> wrote:

> So your TLS issue is the stone-old version you're using. You actually still
> use SIP-Communicator, the last build before we renamed to Jitsi (from March
> 2011). Please download the current stable version of Jitsi (December 2011)
> or a nightly (from last Wednesday).
> We had an issue back then when there was _no_ NAT or Firewall in place...
> :-)

I don't understand Ingo, I downloaded the .deb from jitsi site, and
as there's no real doc/howto on the site (or may be there are, but
*nothing* really points where), I thought it was loading the very
last version:
ii  jitsi                             1.0-beta1-nightly.build.3820
ii  sip-communicator                  1.0-beta1-nightly.build.3364
ii  sip-communicator-keyring-udeb     2008.06.23.1 

So, what is the URL to download the latest version?

> > Yep, that's what I used for testing - but I'll see with FS ML when
> > tests will be achieved if there's a way to use a much secure crypto
> > than AES.
> If you really care about security, then SRTP is probably not your best
> option anyway as the server sits on the line an can intercept the encryption
> keys for the media data. ZRTP on the other hand is an end-to-end encryption.

After reading papers about VoIP security, that was also my conclusion;
there are much more "entry points" into tls+srtp than in ZRTP.

But I'm quite stubborn and I don't like when something resist me;
I also work for the time to come as I'll recreate a small business by
the end of this year, and tls+srtp will for sure be asked by

> > BTW I also tested (in SIP) the ZRTP function - I wasn't able to
> > download the ZRTP last version because their download site is down,
> > and I don't know if it is really needed for jitsi or not?
> You don't need to download anything for ZRTP, it's all built-in.

This is good to hear as I wasn't 100% sure:)
BTW, I noticed something strange (well, strange for me, because one
is java & the other C++): since I installed sip-communicator, twinkle
also benefits from ZRTP!

> > It seems that there's no encryption until both end points have
> > clicked on their padlocks, but they still have each a check drawn
> > since the first try - I'm not really sure about that, but wireshark
> > shows that after both SAS acceptances the protocol flipped from RTP
> > to SRTP.
> > 
> > What is the truth in all this?
> The ZRTP encryption is active as soon as the padlock near the Call-State
> ("Connecting...", "Connected") is closed. The larger padlock above is for
> the comparison of the SAS. If you have verified the SAS on both sides of the
> call, you should click on the padlock to inform Jitsi about this fact.
> Afterwards, for further calls, the upper padlock will be locked from the
> beginning of the call as long as nobody tampers your connection.

Arf, I didn't noticed there was a 2nd padlock into the "connecting"
> Wireshark on the other hand is not really capable of distinguishing RTP
> between SRTP. All it does is a best guess if it sees ZRTP packages or has
> seen the SDP from an INVITE that announced secure streams.

ah, I though I could trust it; may be in the next version.

Anyway, your program is one of the best I tested; usually I hate
java (bloated and slow), but this one's really well done.
The best point is about ergonomy: even unskilled people can't say
they don't understand it:)


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