[jitsi-users] GSOC 2012

Emil Ivov emcho at jitsi.org
Sat Mar 24 14:58:58 CET 2012

Hey Frederico,

On 21.03.12 23:50, Federico Capoano wrote:
> Il 27/01/2012 14.33, Federico Capoano ha scritto:
>> Il 27/01/2012 13.40, Emil Ivov ha scritto:
>>> Participation for any organization is only clear after Google announce
>>> the list of accepted organisations. At this point no one could say
>>> whether someone is participating or not.
>> Sure but we are confident we will participate either as an
>> organization or under the umbrella of another german wireless community.
>>>> > Some ideas:
>>>> > 
>>>> >     * Skinnable GUI
>>> >From our experience, this would probably be too much of a burden for
>>> students. We'll think about it though.
>> I agree, we have the same issue with some of our ideas. We would not
>> want to start a project with someone which has not enough skill to
>> complete it.
>>>> >     * PGP encryption
>>> This is not currently on our roadmap. It would probably help if you
>>> could explain what the advantages are compared to OTR.
>> The advantage is that I can be sure that I am talking to a certain
>> person and not someone else pretending to be that person. Is it clear?
>> If i'm not wrong, OTR has been developed to avoid just that, because a
>> whistleblower might want to communicate with a journalist but without
>> leaving any proof that it's really him for obvious reason.
>> While in our case for example we use jitsi to coordinate the
>> development of our wireless network and of our services (servers,
>> routers, antennas, ecc.). Many times we need to send passwords and
>> other sensitive information and it would be nice to be 100% sure that
>> the person i'm sending the password to is really my friend and not
>> someone which has hacked into the server (our server has a public
>> ipv6) and is using his account.
>> Is jitsi pluggable? We could propose this as a project for our
>> students as it shouldn't be too hard.
>>>> >     * Mobile version
>>> We'll soon be ready with a first Android version. If accepted, we may
>>> decide to give out some gsoc projects that have to do with it.
>> That's really cool. Looking forward to hear news about it.
>>>> >     * More functions for admins
>>> What exactly do you have in mind?
>> I mean jabber admins. If you take a look at psi http://psi-im.org/ and
>> you try to use it as an admin of a jabber server you will se they have
>> many very useful functionalities (especially user management, access
>> control lists, access rules, online users, list of users) under the
>> menu item "service discovery". I attach a (low quality) screenshot:
>> Pheraps this could be another idea which could be a potential
>> candidate for GSoC?
> I'm happy to see that one of these ideas has been proposed for the GSOC
> 2012 with the XMPP standards foundation.

Which one do you have in mind?

> There's someone in our community that might want to try to implement PGP
> cryptography in jitsi. I wanted to ask you, would it be possible to add
> PGP support with a plugin? How do you advise it would be best to do this?

Architecturally, yes. You could check out the way we currently support
OTR and do the same with PGP, unless PGP requires some support on the
protocol level, in which case you would have to do it there.

Hope this helps,


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