[jitsi-users] Re: Maximum allowed bandwidth

Emil Ivov emcho at jitsi.org
Wed Mar 28 14:46:24 CEST 2012


On 26.03.12 15:58, Mediacast Guy wrote:
> Thanks for making that change. Over the weekend, we finally got a chance to do
> some testing. You may remember that we're trying to find a Skype replacement
> that includes HD video and wideband audio (much better than g.722).
> The tests did not go so well. It took a while to get video on both sides of the
> conversation.

Are you using SIP or XMPP? Exactly what did you experience. Logs would
also be nice.

> When we did, according to the call technical information, the
> bandwidth being consumed was not enough to support HD. 

> Worst of all, when the
> video connected, the audio negotiated to an even lower bandwidth codec - 8K.

Lower bandwidth does not necessarily mean lower quality and vice versa.
PCMU/PCMA are a good example of that. Did you notice exactly which codec
you switched to? Could it be that this new codec was configured as
preferred for either of the two instances?

> I confess that we may be doing things for which jitsi is not designed, but the
> product is so close to being a solution (SIP to SIP) that I have to ask. Are
> there any other options we can try to get better audio and video?

The only thing that might be tricky to achieve with Jitsi in that regard
is the HD video encoding. There are currently few CPUs out there that
can support such real-time encoding for 1080p flows. 720p should be
achievable for many modern machines (excluding netbooks of course).

We are working on improving the user experience for the rest.

> Thanks,
> On 3/8/2012 6:07 AM, Emil Ivov wrote:
>> Done. r9435. Should be available with build 3940.
>> Cheers,
>> Emil
>> On 08.03.12 12:50, Emil Ivov wrote:
>>> Hey MCG,
>>> On 06.03.12 02:41, Mediacast Guy wrote:
>>>> Is the maximum allowed bandwidth on the video tab 256K? If so, is there a way to
>>>> increase that limit? I'm using build 3820.
>>> Not from the GUI. We'll remove the limitation later today.
>>> Emil

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