[jitsi-users] Re: Jitsi 2.0 Now Released!

Emil Ivov emcho at jitsi.org
Wed Mar 6 12:26:04 CET 2013

Hey Jacob,

On 06.03.13, 06:48, Jacob Appelbaum wrote:
> Pavel Tankov:
>> Hey all,
>> Jitsi 2.0 is now released and available for download at
>> https://download.jitsi.org !
> Awesome! Congratulations!


>> Among the most prominent new features you will find quality multi-party
>> video conferences for XMPP, audio device hot-plugging, support for Outlook
>> presence and calls, an overhauled user interface and support for the Opus
>> and VP8 audio/video codec. You can download the new version at the
>> following location: https://download.jitsi.org/
>> The new multi-party video conference is very bandwidth-friendly and as such
>> allows for any number of participants as long as the clients are powerful
>> enough to decode the incoming video. The quality and the bandwidth
>> efficiency come from the fact that each participant only needs to send its
>> video once to a server using Jitsi-Videobridge, which relays the data to
>> all the other participants. An open XMPP server having Jitsi-Videobridge
>> enabled is available at: http://jit.si
> Is there crypto used in the multi-party video chat?

Only if you are using your own computer as relay (i.e. setup a regular
conf call and add video to it). In that case you would simply have a
ZRTP session with every participant.

We are still not doing any encryption for the Jitsi Videobridge calls
though. We actually expect such calls to be used more frequently so
adding encryption there is very much on the roadmap.

We are still wondering about the best way to do it though. Right now it
seems like the most reasonable option would be to use SDES. Another way
would be to rely on ZRTP's trusted MITM option. We'll have to figure it out.

> It seems like it would be nice if the video relay was 
> https:// at the very least - no?

Actually http://jit.si just forwards to
https://jitsi.org/index.php/Register/Register which comes with the
regular jitsi.org cert. I do agree though that we should also add a
proper cert on the forwarding site at some point.

>> Hot-plugging audio-devices in an active call is now possible, for example
>> switching from the integrated audio of a notebook to a headset. The more
>> modern new user interface better fits into all the supported operating
>> systems. New support for the open source audio codec OPUS provides better
>> call quality and the VP8 video-codec an alternative to H.264. Users of
>> Outlook see the presence status of their contacts directly in Outlook and
>> can start calls or chats by hovering over a contact.
>> Jitsi downloads ( http://goo.gl/JHa9q ) are available for Mac OS X, Linux
>> and Windows and are completely translated in Bulgarian, English, French,
>> German, Italian, Spanish. Partial translations for 19 more languages are
>> also included.
>> Following is a list of the most important changes brought by this build:
>> * Video conferencing with Jitsi Videobridge.
>> * Presence and call integration with MS Outlook.
>> * Moves to a completely revamped Graphical User Interface.
>> * Support for Opus and VP8.
>> * Support for PulseAudio on Linux.
>> * Fine grained control and duplication of audio notifications over several
>> devices.
>> * Support for Last Message Correction (LMC) with XMPP through the UP arrow.
>> * Implements (native) volume control.
>> * Improves support for audio hotplug, including during calls.
>> * Improves video rendering performance.
>> * Numerous stability fixes for Portaudio.
>> * Support for the Combined Use of SIP and XMPP (CUSAX).
>> * Support for ZID names with ZRTP.
>> * Switches to Libjitsi.
>> * Support for answer/hangup global shortcuts for use with HID compatible
>> headsets.
>> * Support for STUN/TURN server discovery from jingle info.
>> * Adds further details (e.g. ICE processing and video resolutions) to the
>> call info window.
>> * Updates display names when changed at server-side.
>> * Auto accept authorizations if we have initiated adding of a contact.
>> * Fixes support for default "auto away" values.
>> * Numerous other fixes and improvements!
>> See the full changelog here: http://goo.gl/LCLZc
>> Best regards from the Jitsi dev team!
> This is quite an impressive set of changes - Thanks for all of the effort!

Thank you very much for you kind words, Jacob! Greatly appreciated!



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