[jitsi-users] Provisioning XMPP accounts in Jitsi

Michal michal1981 at poczta.fm
Thu Aug 7 18:33:43 CEST 2014

Hi everyone, I'm trying to use provisioning options to set all options for users just after he/she installs it from my Active Directory repository through group policy. Here is my configuration: - Microsoft Active Directory for user accounts (LDAP); - Openfire 3.9.3 as XMPP server with LDAP users authorisation; - Jitsi 2.4.4997 - only for XMPP accounts;As for now I am able to install Jitsi, configure manually to connect to my Openfire server with AD credentials. Everything works as a charm. But when I try to use provisioning I just don't understand a few things:1. I know that with provisioning I can set all parameters that are stored in sip-communicator.properties. I know, that when I want to use XMPP account I have to set line: net.java.sip.communicator.impl.protocol.jabber.acc1407427823749=acc1407427823749 and all other related to jabber account, but what is this number for? Is it a random number? If I want to use only one XMPP account per user (one account for user profile on desktop machine) can I just hardcode this number in my provisioning script - same number for every user, or should it be unique for everyone? 2. When I set ${user} and ${password} parameter in my provisioning URI, server receives it in plaintext. If i want to prepare account for user I have to create such line: net.java.sip.communicator.impl.protocol.jabber.acc1407427823749.ENCRYPTED_PASSWORD=something_encodedHow can I encode password that user provided during provisioning to not ask him for the same password again? (I know that when i don't add that line Jitsi will ask user for password again when it tries to connect to XMPP server). I am using PHP script for provisioning, and have no idea how could I encode this password to get correct hash. 3. My users should be able to search AD for others, so I need to prepare Contact Source for LDAP searching, and I can prepare everything but user password - the same situation as previous - same encoding algorith needed. Without this password searching is not working (I cannot allow anonymous LDAP search). If someone could help me I would be realy gratefull. ---Michal----
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