[jitsi-users] New test site not working (using quick install)

Boris Grozev boris at jitsi.org
Sat Oct 3 06:01:17 CEST 2015

On 02/10/15 20:50, Humphrey Davy wrote:
> Hello folks,
> On a Google Virtual machine, I have a brand new install of Debian and I
> used 'Quick Install' method. I have the correct ssl installed and the
> site loads up fine, please see https://myputput.com. However, I am
> unable to join as a guest. I used my cell phone and laptop to create two
> users. Please could you guys also test it from your end. I have no idea
> where to start looking for issues.

It appears that your videobridge instance is running behind a NAT and is 
not advertizing any publicly accessible addresses.
If you are doing port-forwarding, videobridge needs to be additionally 
configured (see [1]).



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