[jitsi-users] Jicofo Load balancing and updates

Franck Rupin franck.rupin at renater.fr
Fri Oct 9 16:39:09 CEST 2015

I fixed the issue and I've got a new distributed system between France 
and Hungary. Yeah !! :D
So, things are clear now in my mind and I guess that the update should 
occur easily.


Le 09/10/2015 14:21, Franck Rupin a écrit :
> I'm sorry because I'm confused a few by the documentation.
> Should the sharedStatsNode value be same on videobridges and jicofo. 
> On my current working configuration
> two videobridges have two different values, and the paramater doesn't 
> exist in jicofo config (may be because it is not up to date )
> I currently deploy a new infrastructure for GEANT community, and we 
> want to run a bridge in France and another one
> in Hungary. The bridges are well authenticated by prosody, and 
> messages are sent between jicofo and videobridges.
> But load balancing doesn't work due to a misconfiguration I try to 
> address. The only selected videobridge is the French.
> I declared a mapping with pubsub services and xmpp_id such as 
> dev-jvb03.xmpp.renater.fr:dev-jvb03; dev-jvb05.xmpp.renater.fr:dev-jvb05
> My videobridge STATS_PUB_SUB_NODE is setted to dev-jvb03
> And the jicofo STATS_PUB_SUB_NODE is setted to dev-rdv2 (which is 
> corresponding to the jicofo host name)
> Can you clarify my mind ;-)
> Regards,
> Franck
> Le 09/10/2015 09:33, Franck Rupin a écrit :
>> Hey all,
>> I need to update all components of my infrastructure (jitsi-meet, 
>> jicofo, jitsi-videobridges). I noticed on the page 
>> https://github.com/jitsi/jicofo/blob/master/doc/load_balancing.md 
>> that there is a new parameter
>> |org.jitsi.jicofo.STATS_PUBSUB_NODE=sharedStatsNode|
>> in the jicofo sip-communictor file which is not present in my current 
>> config.
>> Could you tell me if this parameter is mandatory for load balancing now ?
>> Regards,
>> Franck
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