[jitsi-users] Current nightly stops at loading screen

Ingo Bauersachs ingo at jitsi.org
Sat Oct 24 18:12:02 CEST 2015

> Is it in envĀ“s USERPROFILE path? There is no such folder, but folders like
> .gimp-2.8, .local and .thumbnails so I would think its the right place.

Yes, sorry, meant userprofile.

> Can I enable sone logging for this?

You can take a look at the regular logs (see https://jitsi.org/logs), but they probably won't show anything. If you have a JDK installed or if you can get a hand on jvisualvm, it would be helpful to see the list of JVM arguments and System Properties.

Did you have a previous Jitsi version installed? Which one? Does deleting %localappdata%\jitsi help?

> BR


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