[jitsi-users] EOL for xmpp.jit.si

Emil Ivov emcho at jitsi.org
Fri Apr 15 17:45:14 CEST 2016

Hey all,

In the following days (likely today) we will stop offering the 
possibility to register new accounts for xmpp.jit.si.

Most of our efforts today go toward maintaining meet.jit.si and 
xmpp.jit.si is noticeably suffering from the lack of attention. 
xmpp.jit.si has been having almost regular weekly outages and we felt we 
are doing a disservice to the project and the community by not 
maintaining it properly.

Instead, everyone will be better off if they clearly know that they need 
to use another one or deploy their own.

We are therefore going to start by not taking any more new accounts 
there and we will fully close the server on June 1st.

None of this will have any impact on meet.jit.si, which continues to be 
our main focus.



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